If You Think Homeschooling Has to Be Confusing…

I know nothing about de-worming, but I sure like this image. I clipped it from a magazine years ago, and it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Perhaps those who aren’t currently homeschooling, but are considering homeschooling feel confused about the complexity of the task. De-worming doesn’t seem any simpler when I see a horse without legs. But, let’s have a closer look at the text below and see if we can apply it to homeschooling:

Strategic de-worming[education] means using the right de-wormer[attitude] at the right time. The most important time to de-worm[teach] is when pastures are green and horses are picking up parasite infections.[children have questions and interest in learning] Rotating de-wormers [learning] from different chemical groups [subject material] minimizes their weaknesses while building on the strengths of each product. The only time to de-bot [over-haul your system] is in mid-summer and after the first killing frost, rather than year round. Now you have the whole picture.

Flavored for horse appeal. [homeschooling.]

The text and image are copyright 1993 HRAVC

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