Teaching To The Test

It’s that time of year–cramming, scrambling, weeping and wailing–we are preparing for AP tests. Among the stress and frustration, my son made me laugh when he shared this innocent observation: “I’ve always imagined the bubble sheet to be a river.” He continued explaining, “I want to try to block the river with the bubble choices …

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The Problem With Testing

This quote was one I really agreed with: The pressure-packed college admissions process can take away from the joys of high school if students and their parents or guardians get wrapped up in being accepted at a handful of extremely selective schools. Across the board, counselors remind their students, “You are not your test scores.” …

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Binocular Vision

Testing is a type of lens, and may be useful in some contexts.  Consider, as an analogy, this description of the attributes of one type of lens: binoculars.  “Binocular vision is a peculiarly exclusive form of looking,” explains Robert Macfarlane.  “It draws a circle around the focused-on object and shuts out the world’s generous remainder. …

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