Open-mouthed Learning

The hungry baby birds are expecting their mother’s return. Did you know each bird needs at least 15 worms a day as they grow? On Mother’s Day, my neighbor offered to let us join him on his rounds for monitoring bluebird nests. My children were fascinated. We followed him around on his 40-minute walk to …

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Hyperbolic Sine

While introducing Hyperbolic Sine to my son last week, he asked a question that surprised me. He wanted to know more of the proof, more of the details behind the process. Until his question, I hadn’t realized that the Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions connect imaginary numbers with logarithms. Mind blown! Perhaps one of my math teachers …

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Not Schoolwork

“Please don’t make it into schoolwork!” is the plea from my child. She wrote a delightful essay for a contest. I was so happy she did it of her own initiative. I appreciated her reminder to “tread lightly.” She is right. I am too often guilty of “making it into schoolwork” which means “making it …

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