Month: August 2021

Unwieldy Time

As a homeschooler, time can feel unwieldy. Our freedom can almost be debilitating. “If you have struggled with a sense of inadequacy—wondering if you are good enough because you cannot seem to do it all, or do it well—maybe your only shortcoming is how you schedule your time,” teaches minimalist homeschooler Zara Fagen in her …

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Shattered Lens

The creativity of homeschooling can’t support comparison; there are too many differences.Comparison shatters the lens that makes gratitude possible.

Belonging is a Choice

Feeling like no one understands my life experience leaves me weary. If I consistently feel, “I am different” and “my experiences aren’t like yours,” I am disheartened. None of us want to have to explain “why we’re doing this” or “what we do all day long.” We want empathy. We want camaraderie. We want to …

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