Month: May 2022


Baselang is an outstanding way to learn Spanish from live language tutors. I highly recommend their program. The program is unlike any other. For one flat monthly rate ($150 at the time of this writing) you receive one month of unlimited Spanish lessons. Actually, they give you the first week for only $1 so you …

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Obstacles to Homeschooling

EdChoice, in partnership with Hanover Research, conducted a survey of homeschooling families in 2021. Their results are summarized in the Homeschooling Captsone Report. The most salient obstacles to homeschooling cited by current homeschoolers in the survey include concerns about instructional quality and children’s future prospects, the time and financial burden of homeschooling, and difficulty accessing …

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Defining Success

There are many dimensions to success, but these ideas are the ones I often consider.   In my experience, success is a brief moment; there is no fermata.   Success is a glimpse.   Homeschooling in the present tense gives me consistent glimpses of success, fleeting though they are.   Success is easily identifiable progress. Success is the …

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