Teaching To The Test

It’s that time of year–cramming, scrambling, weeping and wailing–we are preparing for AP tests.

Among the stress and frustration, my son made me laugh when he shared this innocent observation: “I’ve always imagined the bubble sheet to be a river.” He continued explaining, “I want to try to block the river with the bubble choices and create a wall to stop the water.” He rejoiced in finally meeting his goal with this bubble sheet!

Though we hate this necessary step of “exam to demonstrate mastery,” we continue to study, teaching only to the test. It’s a dissatisfying way to learn. It is defeating, at times. But, the rewards outweigh the costs! I like the benefit of college credit.

I’m glad my son can still find ways to engage his creativity.

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  1. Your presentation at LDSHE was so wonderful – it wasn’t a topic on my radar but I went because you’re such a great speaker. Thank you for the care you put into what you do! With warmth, -melanie-

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