Presentations that Inspire Growth

Homeschoolers need to hear from other homeschoolers who are currently homeschooling.  Rachel talks about things that impact all of us.

Audio samples from past presentations:

How to Teach AP Classes at Home (NCHE 2022)


How to Have a Good Homeschool Day


Tackling Intimidating Academics


 Deeper Focus Through Deeper Distractions 


The Essential Homeschooler 

How to Have a Miserable Homeschool Day LDSHE 2022


You will remember what you learn!

Refreshing Conversation

Rather than the customary, “how do you socialize them?” I want to talk about where I’ve felt true belonging.  I want to address how my children and I respond to the inevitable loneliness that accompanies our counterculture educational choices (which are part of the throb of pain I feel when I see the gatherings at the bus stop.)  Instead of hearing one more parent dismissively remark, “I could never homeschool because my children don’t obey me,” I would prefer to broaden the discussion by exchanging ideas about what I do to avoid coercion and how I inspire my children to enjoy voluntary work.

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May 12-13th, 2022 Speaking Engagement:

“How to have a Miserable Homeschool Day”

Cherokee Park, Morristown,  TN

May 5th-6th 2021 Speaking Engagement:

“The Art of Negotiation in Your Homeschool”

Cherokee Park, Morristown,  TN

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