We’ve Got This

We’ve Got This Edited by Eliza Hull

This important book was on display at my local library. I’m so glad I picked it up!  I love the ideas.  This book isn’t like other parenting books.  This is a collection of essays by disabled parents that reveals they are masters at problem solving and have found creative ways to get around barriers.  Their openness helped me realize how daunting it can be for some to choose to become parents.  I appreciated the glimpse into the lives and hearts of other families.

The parents featured in this book tackle complex topics:

  • “Who should be permitted to have children?”—is it irresponsible to bring children into a home with a parent that already relies on others for extra care themselves?
  • Our society’s obsession with healthy bodies
  • Rigid template of “conventional” parenting–What parenting can look like when we are not able to fill a traditional role.
  • People who are disabled do not want pity, nor do they want to be viewed as saintly and inspirational.

The stories represent all types of families with disabled parents.  They “empower people with a disability to live life as they choose.” Suggesting that only some types of people are worthy of the role of parenting is “denying the beauty that diversity of experiences brings our society.”

The most impactful messages for me:

  •  “You cannot love others without loving yourself, too”
  • “Disability weaves in and out of my parenting”—it is who I am
  • Even though there is “Very little we can do to change the judgments people make…” THEY AFFECT US
  • “My children were like ambassadors, signaling my normality”

I’m grateful for Eliza Hull in putting the book together, and for each of these parents for making a submission to help us all understand a little bit more.

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