A One-Page Explanation

In my college technical writing class, we were given the challenge to succinctly explain complex tasks without any images. That forever changed my experience reading instructions. I know it is important to keep things short, but it is equally important to be clear.

We got this “how-to” book from the library and it made us laugh!

Such a collection of skills–from “how to carry a bunny” to “restore a forgotten fruit tree.”

The book promises, “214 things you can actually learn to do.”

Nearly every topic is just one or two pages long. I recognize that in a book this size, the purpose is to increase your curiosity and get you wanting to learn more. Even still, I laughed that “how to homestead” was given only one page. One page! The topic, of course, is worthy of many books on its own.

Reviewing this book reminds me how we often like to imagine tasks can be simplified into a short, succinct explanation. We want the task to appear simple and doable. I know I have fallen into this trap!

People often imagine homeschool as either impossibly hard or completely underachieving. They don’t understand the nuance that goes into each step of homeschooling.

  • 1. Choose textbooks and supporting curriculum
  • 2. Teach curriculum with enthusiasm
  • 3. Enjoy your child

I think one-page summaries are a disservice to the topic.

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