Wingspan: Extending the Learning

My family loves playing the game Wingspan. The premise of the game is engaging–”buy” bird cards by “feeding” them the food they need from the birdfeeder.  Put them in their preferred habitat (woodland, grassland or water) and give them time to lay eggs.  

Each bird in the deck is unique.  The illustrations are exquisite.  We learn about the birds as we play, but recently we found a way to extend the learning.

These two books from the library are helping us learn more about the birds.  

DK Birds of North America: each bird has facts about habitat, wing flight pattern, and physical details.

The Book of Eggs by Mark Hauber is fun for the connection with eggs–just how big are they in actual size? I love the natural comparisons.

In my opinion, playful learning is more intrinsically motivated and longer lasting. I’m grateful for these chances to study while having fun!

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