Unfounded Fears

Are our fears about homeschooling possibly misplaced?  The stories we hear about homeschooling have been handpicked—largely because they are unusual.  

What do you fear about your homeschooling?

I noticed this unusual sign inside the Aquarium du Québec.  I was captivated by their clever presentation of unjustified fears.  While I stroked the stingray in the child-friendly tank nearby, I read the list and considered how many of my own fears are unfounded.

As one who specializes in accurate predictions, Hans Rosling explained that our fear, like a flashlight, needs to be targeted in order to be a useful tool. “Fear can be useful, but only if it is directed at the right things.  The fear instinct is a terrible guide for understanding the world.”  Without careful direction, we end up giving weighted attention to things that are actually rather unlikely.

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