Repetition, Pumpkin Ice Cream Style

Pumpkin ice cream! My younger kids helped me prepare the custard, and we ran the machine then dished it out and enjoyed it together. In my mind, I thought I had repeated over and over, “PUMPKIN ice cream!” Plus, I thought the orange color and fragrant spices made it rather evident. But, multiple family members took their first spoonful and uttered a surprised, “pumpkin!?!”
This reminds me of my homeschooling, because I find I am often repeating things. I think I’ve been heard, but they actually needed to hear the information one more time.

My homeschool is math-heavy, and I see this especially in math. I try to remind myself, and my child, “it’s ok to need repetition. Repetition builds learning.”

Perhaps all parents feel like they repeat a lot, but I think homeschoolers might feel this way especially, because we are the ones doing the teaching and the repeating all day long.

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