Recent Reads From the Library

Here are a few books we’ve been enjoying from our local library.

In addition to having a paper copy, we listened to the award-winning audio for this moving graphic novel. What a fantastic collaboration by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed! Highly Recommend.

This is a delightful story about the opportunity to attend school. The illustrations were fantastic and the true story very inspiring.

As we’ve been using the Census for our family history studies, my son has been more interested in details about the census. This was the only children’s book our library has on the census. It was cute, but I’d love to see more on the topic.

We live near a major landmark named after Audubon. Recently, they have been talking about renaming the landmark, to avoid the scandal associated with his name. This book gave a very fair treatment of Audubon as a three-dimensional person.

This book of maps is excellent for visual learners!

This 1999 publication had an introductory statement that made me laugh. “Why another fitting book?” As if the shelves are bursting with them!! I like to sew and I like to modify patterns, but didn’t find this book very helpful.

What have you been reading that you enjoy?

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