Never Sleep In Your Contacts

“Never sleep in your contacts!” was the wise advice I received from my eye doctor. “But, WHEN you do, make sure you wait to take them out until you’ve been awake for about 30 minutes.” I loved that he gave me the information about what I should do in response to the mistake.
My son just began wearing contacts, and I taught him this principle.
In homeschooling, as in contact wearing, we need to know how to respond to our mistakes so that they are not defeating.
A homeschooling parent can respond uniquely to failure. “Homeschool parents have much more freedom and control,” explains Lori Pickert in her book “Project-based Homeschooling.” “They can maintain the same goals and focus on the same values year after year. They can learn from their mistakes and try again right away. They can capitalize on their successes immediately. They can discard what doesn’t work and try something else, without needing permission from a committee or a boss, without waiting until next semester or next year. They can accumulate their wisdom—and use it without delay.”
This is what I love about homeschooling, the ability to use the information right away!

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