Learning With Holiday Traditions

I love live concerts. I love beautiful designs. For these two reasons, I love our holiday tradition of going to the United States Air Force Christmas Concert and then heading over to the Botanic Gardens.

The Air Force concert is full of school children and also many homeschooling families. I appreciate the chance to enjoy laughing and singing along with a large group of happy people. I love seeing our homeschooling friends. I appreciate the respect they show us at this event.

The Botanic Gardens has a display of the National Mall made from plant material. It’s like gingerbread houses, but sugar free! No matter how many times we’ve seen them, we love to see them again. The details are so intricate. Plus, it’s always a comfortable temperature inside the garden!

This year’s Botanic Garden Holiday train display was a great learning opportunity. The trains circled models of farms from around the world. There were lentil terraces from Nepal, Floating Onion fields from Mexico, Orange fields from California and vineyards from Europe. Such an engaging presentation. It brought up lots of new ideas and questions.

Hooray for field trips that inspire further learning!

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