As we’ve continued learning Spanish, we are finding more resources that support our learning. Here are a few of our favorites.

If you are a beginner, start here. If you’d like information about language tutor programs, start here.

Example Sentences

One important activity for intermediate learners is understanding how to write well. has great examples of how to use the words.


As we become more proficient in Spanish, we are ready for books. I love this child’s Reader from Venezuela, introduced to me by one of my tutors.

Verb Conjugation Practice

Ella verbs is a highly efficient program, giving both lessons and drill. Highly recommend.

Workbook Style Exercises

Do you wonder if you are doing it right? Quiz yourself with these activities.

The Definitive Dictionary If you really want to understand the “true” way to say it, this is your resource.

Real Academia Española

Academic Lessons

Many websites offer classroom-style lessons about specific language topics. One I like is Spanish Learning Lab.

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