Hyperbolic Sine

While introducing Hyperbolic Sine to my son last week, he asked a question that surprised me. He wanted to know more of the proof, more of the details behind the process. Until his question, I hadn’t realized that the Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions connect imaginary numbers with logarithms. Mind blown!

Perhaps one of my math teachers already explained this to me. But, it didn’t really sink in until my son and I were investigating together. For me, this is one of the best perks of homeschooling. My children want to understand more than just the basics. They want the logic and details behind-the-scenes. They aren’t worried about a test score; they want thorough comprehension.

One video we came up with while looking for more information was this delightfully enthusiastic youtuber:

We kept going with our theme and reviewed a few trig jokes. My son even wrote some of his own:

I love learning together!

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