How to Have a Good Homeschool Day

What does a good homeschool day look like?  What does a bad homeschool day look like?  What would it take to have more good days?  In this class we will discuss how to bring out the best in ourselves and others.  The conversation will begin with our use of time, setting intentional direction for our day with clear priorities.  We’ll focus on structuring routines for our families and ourselves, considering personal productivity that has deliberate downtime and clear boundaries.  We’ll discuss how to generate energy while overcoming overload.  Finally, we’ll emphasize strengthening relationships with our children while also improving our resilience to respond to setbacks and annoyances.   This practical class will help you become more streamlined, efficient and ultimately, triumphant in all your homeschooling efforts.  Based primarily on the publications of influential author Caroline Webb, the class will also draw on the works and research of many efficiency experts.

Recording of 2018 LDSHE Presentation “How to Have a Good Homeschool Day”

What does a good homeschool day look like?

  •  getting a buzz from feeling productive, from knowing that their efforts counted towards something worthwhile
  • feeling confident that they were doing a fine job, and that they had the support they needed from others
  • feeling more energized than depleted, overall

Less of the day seems driven by chance once we understand forces that shape our choices and our emotions, recognize how our thought patterns can affect everything from our perception of reality to the moods of those around us.

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