Homeschool Conference –On Demand 

Attending an in-person Homeschool Conference is always a great way to boost my mood and encourage me in my homeschooling.  I love meeting other like-minded families and hearing about techniques that are working for them in their home.

Here are some conferences I’ve consistently attended and enjoyed:


VaHomeschoolers (no longer being held)

Here’s a list of all available Homeschool Conferences, listed by state

Many conferences are run by an umbrella group, and, in my experience, they are mostly Christian groups. (The secular conference and the unschooling conference are noteworthy exceptions.)

The largest nationwide conference is the Great Homeschool Conventions.  Their speakers are on a circuit and often present at multiple locations in the same conference season.

Typically, homeschool conventions are done in the Spring. What do you do if you need some homeschool encouragement today?

Sometimes looking at the list of speakers that have spoken for past conferences and choosing one of those speakers.

Here are some encouraging homeschool videos you might enjoy:

Andrew Pudewa: his presentations give me good energy and help me feel more aware of how creative and loving I can be while teaching writing

Lessons Learned from 30+years of teaching

Spelling and the Brain

Julie Bogart: Critical Thinking  

Julie Bogart: Top Ten High School

Seven Sisters 

Sarah Mackenzie

2017 SEA Conference Online

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