Defining Success

There are many dimensions to success, but these ideas are the ones I often consider.  

In my experience, success is a brief moment; there is no fermata.  

Success is a glimpse.  

Homeschooling in the present tense gives me consistent glimpses of success, fleeting though they are.


Success is easily identifiable progress.

Success is the ability to concentrate on a single task.

Success is completion of difficult academic coursework.

Success is a broad education including many areas of study.

Success is cooperation and collaboration. 

Success is laughing together.

Success is being bolstered by friendship.

Success is remembering and applying learning.  

Success is having the organization to find what we need when we need it.

Success is the schedule feeling just right.  

Success is meeting priorities and having enough time to tend to each responsibility.

Success is taking time to care for ourselves.

Success is emotional resilience and self-regulation.

Success is keeping records that increase our gratitude and satisfaction.

Success is independent learning.

Success is having a clear view of the future with many options.

Success is tapping into the resources that simplify your life.

Success is the child’s ability surpassing the adult’s ability.

Success is pressing forward and continuing to homeschool.

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