Bonsai Schooling

The bonsai tree collection at the National Arboretum is one of our favorite places to visit. I love the peaceful simplicity of these trees.

Bonsai trees aren’t ostentatious. They demonstrate the effect of intentional care and attention rather than frills and excess. Seeing them reminds me to slow down and cultivate my most important priorities.

Growing bonsai trees takes patience. Homeschooling takes patience. Results are often slow in coming. Time has a dominant role in both.
We are providing loving care today for growth tomorrow.

Ancient things humble me. The label reads “In training since 1625” and I realize this tree is nearly 400 years old. In addition to being old, this tree survived Hiroshima, even though the bombing occurred less than two miles from its location. A Japanese family cared for this tree through five generations before giving it as a gift to our country in 1976.
This tree symbolizes triumph and survival. This tree is a tribute to the tireless caregivers that have nurtured it. This tree inspires me to keep going in my homeschooling.

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