Rachel Spigarelli

I am homeschooling, right now, today. I am homeschooling in the present tense. I am not a finished product, I am very much in-process. I am learning and growing and trying each day. I’ve been homeschooling for 15 years, and still have another 10 more years to go.

The Problem With Testing

This quote was one I really agreed with: The pressure-packed college admissions process can take away from the joys of high school if students and their parents or guardians get wrapped up in being accepted at a handful of extremely selective schools. Across the board, counselors remind their students, “You are not your test scores.” …

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Hyperbolic Sine

While introducing Hyperbolic Sine to my son last week, he asked a question that surprised me. He wanted to know more of the proof, more of the details behind the process. Until his question, I hadn’t realized that the Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions connect imaginary numbers with logarithms. Mind blown! Perhaps one of my math teachers …

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The psychology of Money

One contribution my husband makes to our homeschool is a “personal finance” book group. We read a book individually and discuss it as a group.  I appreciate his efforts to instill financial literacy in our children. One of his selections I recently enjoyed was “The Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel. Not only are Morgan …

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Fuel Up

I’ve met a wide variety of homeschoolers from really relaxed to super structured. Though I definitely fall on the “structured” side of the spectrum, I am not nearly as structured as some. One friend told me she fills up her car every Thursday. “Why would I wait until the car is nearly empty of gas?” …

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We have a recipe we enjoy for a dessert that uses Mascarpone. Originally, the recipe was for Tiramisu, but I made some modifications. First of all, we don’t drink coffee, so I eliminated that. We added some orange zest and freshly squeezed orange juice instead. We also don’t use sugar, so we had a substitute. …

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The Ninety Minute Gift

During the holiday season, gift-giving is a big focus for parents.  Like you, I search for gifts that communicate my love.  Ultimately, one of the gifts I am most proud to have given my children is actually a consistent experience: ninety minutes of daily free time. Without exception, whether weekday, weekend or holiday, this is …

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