AP Self-Study

Some homeschooling parents don’t feel qualified to teach AP classes to their students. What can be done by the student on their own?

Here are some ideas to empower the student to own the AP experience.

Start with an Overview

Look at the main ideas of the course. What will be the primary topics? What is the structure of the test? What are the essays and multiple choice questions? You can find this information on College Board’s site. Also visit the Wikipedia page about the test and look at the score distribution. Some tests have much lower pass rates than others.

Begin with a MOOC

Try a free online course. You might consider taking it quickly. Watch all the videos, but don’t let yourself get bogged down. Let it be a “first pass” through the material.

Read for Pleasure

Instead of starting with a textbook, look for books on this topic that people read just for fun. Or, watch a movie about the topic.

Personalize the Timeline

Learn at your own speed. Take two years to finish a course. Or, begin over the summer.

Find Online Videos

Many teachers post tutorials about the material. If you get stuck, you can find answers for specific topic courses on youtube.