Adventuring Together

I recently finished reading Adventuring Together by fellow homeschooler Greta Eskridge.  I felt so encouraged by her writing.  Since I am focusing on being mindful in the present tense, I especially appreciated Greta’s comment: “One of my favorite things about going on an adventure with my kids is that we’re not walking through the day on autopilot.”  I agree with her; being on an adventure helps me step out of the mundane and improves my awareness of myself and my children.

Adventure Nurtures Relationships
“Experiencing new things together creates an instant bond. There is no denying the power of shared experiences to build community and connection,” Greta reminds her readers.  When we are together, trying something out of the ordinary, we can feel closer to our children.  We are witnesses to each other’s experiences.
What about when we hit a particularly troublesome time in a relationship with a child, can adventure overcome that kind of problem?  Greta warns, don’t freak out.  “Don’t backpedal and implement mandatory time together,” she advises. Instead, keep at it, but remember it takes time to build relationships.  She encourages us all to persist in lovingly inviting our children to adventures.

Adventures overcome monotony
Adventures are gifts, Greta teaches.  “Adventures change us. They take us out of our routines, our homes, our neighborhoods, our people—and make us grow.”  The change that comes from adventures is far-reaching.  “Change engages all of our senses: we see new things, smell new aromas, taste new foods, hear new sounds, and feel new things physically and emotionally,” encourages Greta.

Keep Adventure Attainable
No one benefits from the adventure being too grand to be feasible.  We don’t need adventure to wear us out.  Greta counsels us, “make it manageable, make it meaningful, and make it fun.”

Overall, I felt the best thing about reading this book was that it reminded me of the tremendous benefit to homeschooling–the chance I have to incorporate adventure on a daily basis.  I appreciated the anecdotes of Greta’s adventures, and think you’ll enjoy the book, too!

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